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Saint Johnís Lutheran Church

Chaska, Minnesota





Early missionary, Pastor Ferdinand Sievers writes in the year 1856


ď Minnesota is a word sweet to the ear not only of our present immigrants come from Germany, but also to many a one who

already elsewhere owned property in the United States, inducing him to move westward once more. Thus the German

immigration into Minnesota is daily increasing, among whom the majority perhaps, is nominally Lutheran. ď


He writes of the Carver County area:ď I alighted here at night, and visited with several Lutherans, strengthened them

through admonition from the Word of God, and reminded them of their duty to gather themselves into a congregation. ď



Saint Johnís Luther Church was established in 1885, the Reverend H. Raedeke serviced the congregation.






Family Members listed as Voting Members of the St. Johnís Congregation

1885 - 1936

August Nikolai, Carl Dukatz, Albert Bielke, Herman Nickolai, William Bielke,

August Dukatz, Fred Glowatzke, Harry Nikolai, Frank Nikolai


Family Members Baptized at St. Johnís


1886Mathilda DuKatz-1887Fritz Bielke, Emil Bielke-1888Franz Bielke, Minna Nikolai-Wilhel Bielke, Friedrich Bielke,

Louisa Bielke-1890Helena Bielke-1891Emma Bielke, Minna Bielke-Harry Nikolai, Elsa Bielke-1893Alma Bielke,

George Bielke, Heinrich Dukatz, Anna Bielke-1894Edward Dukatz, Edward Bielke, Maria Bielke, Walter Bielke-

1895nk Bielke, Paul Bielke, August Dukatz-1896Dela Bielke, Margaret Bielke-1897Lydia Mueller, Adela Nikolai,

Ewald Bielke-1898Henry Bielke, Olga Bielke-1899Leonhardt Bielke, Clara Bielke-1900Clarence Bielke, Edward Nikolai-

1902Lillie Bielke, Fred Kunz-1904Edwin Bielke, Erwin Kunz-1905Erwin Nikolai-1907Florence Bielke, Ida Glowatzke-

1908Ellenora Dukatz-1909Paul Glowatzke-1910Ella Schlieker, Harry Schlieker, Erna Schlieker, Gilbert Bielke,

Lauretta Bielke-1912Sidonia Dukatz-1917Dorothy Bielke-1941Dennis Nikolai


Family Members Confirmed at St. Johnís


1891Friedrich Dukatz-1893Bertha Bielke-1895Wilhelmine Dukatz-1898Adolf Dukatz-1901Mathilda Dukatz, Fritz Bielke-1902Frank Bielke,Minnie Nikolai-1903Elsa Kunz, Alma Kunz-1905Minnie Bielke, Emma Bielke, Franz Bielke-

1907Elsie Bielke, Anna Bielke, Harry Nikolai-1908Henry Dukatz, Adela Kunz, George Bielke-1909Edward Dukatz, Walter Bielke-1910Margaret Bielke-1911Emil Dukatz-1912Meta Schlieker, August Schlieker, Henry Bielke, Arthur Dukatz, Ida Schlieker-

1913Olga Bielke-1914Clarence Bielke,Ella Schlieker-1916Lillie Bielke-1921Herman Nikolai, Florence Bielke-

1923Elizabeth King-1924Erwin Nikolai, Gilbert Bielke, Loretta Bielke-1930Dorothy Bielke-1935 Edward Nikolai-

1938Carl Kunz


Family Members Buried by St. Johnís


1888Carl Dukatz-1891 Friedrich Bielke-1894Edward Bielke-1895Amalie Bielke-1907Maria Kunz-1911Franz Bielke-1915Emilie Bielke-1920Auguste Nikolai-1935William Bielke Jr.-1940Harry Nikolai-1941Emil Nikolai-1944Herman Nikolai-1948Willian Bielke-1953Frank Nikolai, Bertha Bielke




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