Listed below are links to the to the various family Genealogy Reports.  All reports are
privatized, you will find no information on individuals that are still living, other than their name.  Listed first is the link to the DuKatz Family in America, it contains all branches of the family. Following the first link you will find links that will lead you to the major branches of the Family Tree. These other links are positioned in order of the oldest siblings first.

These  Genealogy  Reports  can  be  searched  using  the  browser  FIND  option.
Once in a Genealogy Report:
1.)  From the top menu-bar select the EDIT option.
2.)  From that drop down menu select the FIND option.
3.)  On the FIND WHAT line, in the FIND BOX, enter the name to search for.
4.)  Click on the FIND NEXT button.
If the name exists in the report the search will move to, and high-light, the name.

All branches beginning  with
Karl Fran DuKatz

This branch begins  with
Benedikt  Kunz

This branch begins  with
August Hermann DuKatz

This branch begins  with
William Karl Bielke

This branch begins  with
Friedrick Franz DuKatz

This branch begins  with
Robert Alexander Boehme

This branch begins  with
Adolphus Friedrick DuKatz

This branch begins  with
Patrick Ferguson