Genealogy  def.
       A record, table, or account showing the descent of a family, group, or person from an ancestor.  It
       is the study of ancestry.

       The DuKatz Family Web Site contains genealogical information in the form of a Standard Register  (Descendant Order )
       Genealogy Report. The report is a continues chain of relationships that begins with the oldest known ancestor and
       progresses down to the last child born.
       The Genealogy Report can be searched by utilizing your Browser ' Find ' function.
       To search for a particular name when you are in the Genealogy Report:
       from the Browser menu, at the top of the page, select the ' Edit ' option, from the options select ' Find '
       type in the name you are looking for and press the Enter key.
       If the search does not issue the desired results you can change the name that you first searched for.  If your first searched
       for John James Jones try John J Jones or John Jones or even Jack Jones.
Family Tree  def
         A genealogical diagram showing family descents; the ancestors and descendants of a family.

       The DuKatz Family Web Site contains genealogical information in the form of a Family Tree Database.
       This database contains all of the family links, grandparents, siblings and parent to child.
       There are two sections and two search features to this page:
       The Tree View selection will display grandparents,  parents, a particular individual the spouse and their children.
       The Information Sheet, which is the Family Tree Database, will display the parents of an individual, his siblings,
       spouse and children as well as a Scrapbook of photos, facts and notes about the individual.
       You can walk through both the Tree View and Information Sheet by Clicking on a name and moving to that individual.
       To view a photo in the Scrapbook, Click on the description line.
       The Name List feature allows you to call up an alpha list of family members.  At the top of the page is an A to Z
       selection bar.  You can switch from list to list by Clicking on the various alphabets.
       The Search feature allows you to type in a first, middle or last name to search.
       After typing in a name then click the Search Button and the search results will be displayed.
       One of the most popular features of this web site is that it contains many photographs.  These photos can be accessed
       in three ways.  Below you will find a description of the three ways photos are view on this web site.
       Whenever a photo thumbnail is displayed on a page, that picture can be enlarged by Clicking on the tiny picture.
       It will bring up a new Browser page with the full sized picture.  You must use the browser BACK button to return
       to the web site page you were on.
       This is a wonderful way of visiting past reunions as they moved around the country. Each year is
       labeled and contains group and individual pictures.  All pictures can be enlarged my Clicking on
       the picture. This section only displays pictures taken at the various reunions.
Photo  Search
       Here you will be able to view pictures by type or text. All the pictures in the photo database are available in this section.
       This is the heart of the web site, it contains data on all family members.  It is laid out so that you can browse through it
       child to parent to grandparent, or in reverse order.  On each family members information page there are also photos.
       All pictures are accessible by Clicking on the description line.
       Above each picture is a printed line that asks you to help us identify the individuals in that picture.
       If there are no individual names listed next to the photo you can help us by Clicking on the words
       and an Email form will pop up that will allow you to enter the names of the individuals you recognize.
Family Yellow Pages   
       The Family Yellow Pages are a unique use of this web-site. These pages allow family members to
       look up businesses in their area to see if a family member performs a service that they may need.
       You can have your business added to these pages by submitting your business information to
       the webmaster via e-mail. Please expect only friendly family service not discounts.
Family White Pages   
       This page contains the DuKatz Family mailing list.
       Only names are listed to maintain privacy.
History Page
       The History Page offers information about the DuKatz family and Prussia / Germany, as