It has long been believed that the DuKatz family roots lie in eastern Europe.  The birth place of
Karl DuKatz is believed, by some family members, to be Posen (now Poznan).  In the time of
Karl's birth (1840) Posen was the name of both the province and the largest city within the
province.  Other family members believe the family roots lie in East Prussia.  Both areas are rich in history.

The Posen region was the historical center of origin for the Polish nation in the 10th century.  It
has always been one of the richest and most developed provinces of Poland.  Beginning as a
fortified village it became the capital of Poland and the residence of the first two Polish Kings.
Poland's first cathedral was erected in Posen in 968 AD.

Posen was, at times, part of Prussia, The Duchy of Warsaw, Germany, and for a period of time,
a country unto itself.  Prior to the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, Posen was call Wielkopolska,
which literally means ' Greater Poland'. After 1815, and extending to 1919, Posen reverted to
Prussia. As it became part of the Kingdom of Prussia, the German colonization increased
significantly.  Most of the new settlers were Lutheran and many Protestant parishes were
established.  The majority of the German population lived in the western and northern districts.
It is important not to confuse political loyalties with ethnic identities during this time.  Many
Loyal Polish subjects were not ethnically Polish.

The Kingdom of Prussia became known as ' Die Vereinigten Preussischen Staaten ' which
translates to ' United Prussian States '.  It then also included provinces like Schlesien / Silesia,
Brandenburg, Pommern / Pomerania and areas as far west as the Rhine province.  Berlin became
the Prussian capital.  Terms like German Government or German Army had no meaning during this time period, not until 1871. In 1871, Germany became an empire with a Kaiser reestablished
and Berlin as it's capital.  The Prussian King also had the title of German Kaiser.

All monarchies in Germany were abolished in 1918 and Prussia was declared defunct in 1945.

Today the Posen region of Europe lies in the country of Poland.

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